Renee (38) from Close Enough to Kiss (The world’s first babywearing magazine) lives with her husband Colin (38) and children Jordan (19), Ebony (14), Harrison (7), Callum (5) and our newest addition Ruby (18 months) in Norfolk, UK

Please explain your lifestyle and philosophy.

We are gentle parents who have a keen interest in babywearing and mindful living. We believe our little people have as much say in their upbringing as we do as adults and respect this. Some of our children have special needs and we feel this supports them to reach their fullest potential. We try to limit our carbon footprint where we can and empower others to do so also. We are both self-employed and within our industry we try to promote shared economy and a collaborative approach.

 Do you work-from-home or are you a stay at home parent? Please tell us about it.

Both My husband and I being self-employed has allowed us the privilege of being able to work and earn an income, whilst being present at home for our 5 children.

How do you make things work?

We take equal responsibility in raising our children. Using each other’s strengths to balance out our individual weaknesses. We plan our time so one parent is always present to meet the children’s needs whilst the other is working and come together daily as a family (usually) at mealtimes to enjoy each other’s company.

What inspired your lifestyle?

Our lifestyle has evolved throughout our time together from a more ‘traditional’ dad goes to work mum stays at home role, to where we are now. It was brought about by our son who has special needs, one parent (myself) taking on the full responsibility of this and other general family tasks was very challenging and sadly lead to a strain and eventual breaking of my mental health. This way my husband has been able to not only play a more active role in raising his children but has positively impacted on my mental health and general family life.

What are your child/ children’s education options?

Currently 3 children are in a state funded schools, 1 works and the smallest is at home all day.

If you work from home what is the best bit of advice you could give other parents who want to work from home?

Ensuring you make clear boundaries on your family and work time. It’s very easy to end up working all the time and not taking time for family or yourself.

What is your favourite family activity?

Dancing. The children love to dance and move, Callum is quite the breakdancer, which we found out at a wedding last summer. Putting on music and all having a bop around the front room is very cathartic as we chuckle at each other’s funny moves. It’s very simple and something I remember with tenderness from my own childhood.

What has been your biggest family adventure so far?

Last summer I took all my children (bar the oldest) on a camping holiday by myself. It was very challenging and was the first holiday my eldest son has had (as previously any change in routine has caused him distress). He did awesome, despite the change, hating the dark and it raining non-stop, the fresh air, other children and freedom agreed with him.

What are you most grateful for (as a family or individually)?

I am grateful for so many things both positive and negative, as it has brought me to where I am today. One of my most grateful things is that I can live as I do with the support of my friends, family and husband.

Three words to describe how you feel about your lifestyle?

Blessed, Happy and Empowered.



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