I just wanted to tell you about my full day today to give an example of a full day with my boy and fitting work in along the way. This is a typical quiet weekday though, weekends are different as daddy is around so I spend more time working and less playing! A bit unsociable really but if there are events I want to fit in and people I want to see at weekends I can still be flexible. It’s great! I will write a post about a typical weekend day in the future too.

8.30am – wake up snuggled up next to my little man and dog on the floor next to us, both are still asleep . Hubby gone to work an hour ago and left us in bed. I have a stretch, do my morning visualisations to keep me calm and grounded for the day, then reach for my phone, turn it back on and check my emails quickly before little man awakes. One email from a web developer I work with about meeting up for a chat, I put the phone down and have a think about how best to go about meeting him. Text hubby to see when he is back from work so that I can arrange meeting.

9am – Little man wakes up and we lie in bed having a cuddle and a chat – Priceless!

9.15am – We head downstairs, let the dog out and I make our morning smoothie (which always but not exclusively consists of banana, spinach, hemp powder, almond butter and oatly milk yum!) and a small bowl of porridge. Try to get little man to sit down at the table to eat with me instead of running around the yard outside after the dog. We sit down and chat about what we are going to do for the day. My Mother Magazine arrived the day before and I started to read the article about Montessori education and how it is good to have a beautiful setting for children and things set out at their level. Decide to try and find kids size table in town today after walk to the beach.

9.45am – Finally head upstairs to get dressed and ready to go for walk to beach. End up reading books and playing about upstairs while trying to persuade little man to get dressed. Text friend about meeting on way back from town for a cuppa with kids but she’s busy today, will meet tomorrow instead. Get text back from hubby, he finishes at 4.30pm so I can arrange meeting for after that. Text web developer friend to meet at 4.45pm, he agrees, all good.

10.45am – Ready to go out but little man finds Bob the Builder colouring book so decides wants to do that before anything else. I sit him down with pencils and take the opportunity to check emails again. Nothing pressing but again some food for thought.

11am – Decide it’s getting a bit late to drive to the beach and back before town so decide to walk up the road to see the horses instead. We head off on the shortest walk ever with little man on his bike and me holding very excited dog on the lead. Get to horses field and little man decides he’s very tired and wants to go home, try and reason with him and get tears so decide it’s best to go back, poor dog!

11.15am – Head for town with list and armed with snacks!

11.30am – Find parking space and head into town for a few bits and bobs and a hair cut for little man. All goes well in town and I get most things needed plus an extra Mr Men Book and a kids pair of sunglasses – he must have said the cutest ‘pleeeease mum’ : )

12.45pm – Late back to car (1 hour parking) but no ticket phew! Head to big second hand furniture warehouse to look for kids size table for montessori style work station but no luck, do find a lovely big wicker basket perfect for toys for only £3 though so feel satisfied with that bargain. Head to a couple more retail park shops and then a very unusual trip (in fact I think it’s little man’s 1st time) to McDonalds as little man needs the toilet and it is the only one in sight. Remember discussion with hubby about our kids never going to Maccy D’s as a treat so don’t make it a big deal, but then are welcomed straight away by a woman who gives little man a balloon, oh dear! Go to counter and only order one portion of fries mainly because there isn’t much else for us veggie, non-dairy folks but also because don’t want little man to enjoy the Maccy D’s food and want to return! Take pic of little man with balloon and eating Maccy D’s chips and What’s App it to his daddy for a laugh. Quickly get a reply ‘AYFKM’, I laugh out loud in Maccy D’s, love winding his nutrition fanatic daddy up now and again : )

1.45pm – Head home and have a late lunch and a bit of quiet time reading books with little man. He seems a bit tired but try to keep him awake as if he sleeps after 2pm he is usually up all evening/ night!

3pm – Decide that we can use our round bedside table as a make-shift kids table for a while so bring that downstairs and make a bedside table out of an old chair instead, looks ok like in my ‘Thrify Chic’ Interiors book so think will do for now, not sure if hubby will agree though!? Decide to set up Montessori station after litte man in bed as a surprise for the morning.

3.30pm – Head up to loft with little man following me to dig out old baby equipment for our playgroup baby sale on Sunday. Bring it all down and leave on the landing ready for a serious clean at some point this week. Little man enjoys trying to sit in his old newborn baby bath seat : )

4.10pm – Get a text from hubby saying he has set off from work with his liftshare and so I am to meet him halfway in about 20 mins so I can go to meeting while he takes little man and dog to the park. Quickly get my notebook together and have a quick think about what I want to discuss then start the mission of getting us all out of the house and into the car.

4.30pm – Meet hubby at park and drop little man and dog off and head for meeting.

4.45pm – Meet web developer friend in local pub and discuss developments to Parent Tribe website as well as other projects. Leave happy and with small list of work to do.

5.45pm – Pick boys and dog up from park and head home.

6.pm – Get home and make dinner which was thought about earlier in the day (for a change!). All sit down for family dinner and catch up with daddy how his day has been.

7pm – All of us head upstairs to have a play and get little man ready for bed. Very early bed time tonight as a very tired little boy. Settles to sleep at around 7.45pm.

7.50pm – Sit and have cuddle on the sofa with hubby for a while and catch up for a bit.

8.15pm – Decide to procrastinate and set up and sort out Montessori style work station for little man. Crayons and pencils all set out beautifully and other activities such as a box with lentils in to pour into other containers. Feel chuffed with it! Tidy up a bit more before sitting down to do work.

9.15pm – Make a nice cup of tea and sit down to do some work. Check all emails again and reply to all from today after thinking about some throughout the day. Check social media and reply to people on there. Decide on not doing to much tonight but decide to write a list instead. Lists always good when things aren’t too pressing!

10.30pm – Little man wakes up unusually so I go upstairs and settle him back to sleep.

10.50pm – Decide to write a blog and sit back down at comp to write.

12.20pm – Go to bed, always the last one to do so. Snuggle up next to hubby and do my relaxation visualisations before nodding off.

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