selling knowledge = more family timeRecently I fell into an opportunity, at a co-working event I organise and attend each month, that is going to really help our financial situation and is also easy to fit around being a FT mum to my son. I have been teaching a course on how to set up a basic WordPress website to women setting up in business, in my local area.

The thing is the opportunity was perfect and couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been thinking about this for a while, and knew it was something I wanted to offer but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I had put the idea and intention across to the universe, like I do when I am not sure how to go about something and of course when I least expected it, a great and very easy opportuntity was presented to me. I was at my Jelly co-working event (if you don’t know what Jelly is then please view the website here, but more about this in my next post) when I got talking to a women who worked for a the local Chamber of Commerce and also was in charge of running free courses to support women to start up businesses from home. She found out what I did and within 10 minutes, told me I she had been looking for someone to run basic WordPress courses for a while and asked if I would I do it? Talk about divine timing! I said I would have a think about it, (having never ran a training course in my life) but within a week we had been in contact, had some dates set and had negotiated my fees! I never thought I would get paid that much for one day that easily, things were going well!

Next thing was writing the course. Aagghhh I panicked. I had a deadline which wasn’t too far away, was just getting over morning sickness, had other design projects on the go and of course had my main and most important job of mummy to an almost 3 year old. Oh yeh and there was the small feat of organising a 3rd birthday party in the mix there too! To be honest though, putting the course together wasn’t half as bad as the thought of it and after an evening Skype chat with my WAHM friend Denise for some helpful tips, and cancelling a weekend away at my sisters, (which was re-arranged for a few weeks later) I was well on the way to having it all written. It was a difficult week or so, but I kept thinking to myself once this is done I have the course and I can run it over and over again.

The next stumble was organising childcare. It is pretty easy for me to do my usual work around my son, as I have friends and family that he is happy with for an hour here and there if I have meetings/ networking events, and then I do my design work in evenings and weekends, but full days are usually out of the question. I knew how much my mum loves looking after J but she doesn’t get the opportunity very often as she works full time, so after mentioning it to her she said she had some overtime to take back and before I knew it we had organised two full days with grandma. Little man was so excited, I was relieved he was too, my mum was looking forward to a day with her grandson, everyone was happy. For future courses the other grandparents are also going to help, or we can juggle things around my husbands holiday days.

The course went really well, albeit a few technical hitches, which I was told was expected on the first run of an IT course, and before the end of the day, Catherynn who organised the courses, was telling everyone about the next one I was doing! In case anyone lives in Cumbria an is interested in a FREE coure to help you build your own website, here are the details – Cumbria Growth Hub, Build your own WordPress Website course

The Future

The initial idea of mine, before meeting Catherynn and running the courses locally, was to run courses online. I’d like to offer courses to set up your own website to people, especially parents, who may be time poor and have little budget, so that they can learn and produce things in the comfort of their own home and in their own time. It has also been suggested that I do a design course too helping entrepreneurs, especially those that work online to be able to produce their own design work, to help their brand look consistent and professional. Both courses I will be offering sometime in the future so if these are something you would be interested in then please email me>>

Why is selling your knowledge a good option for family life

Ok so now let’s look at the reasons why selling your knowledge might be a good option for working around family time.

  • Little time taken up  – Although the course initially took a little while to write, my courses are only 2 days (10am-4pm) and I am probably only going to be doing them once a month, until my baby is born. I have another mum friend who ran a course that was just over two different mornings. It’s your call really! If you do them online they will run themselves, you just need to give a support option, but this could be in the form of an online forum, or you could outsource the support to someone else.
  • Pays well  – So like I said earlier, I never expected an opportunity to come to me so easily, where I could earn a few hundred pounds per day. I was doing the course for a government initiative, which was on a limited budget as the courses were offered for free, but paid for courses can earn you up to £1000 per day depending on what you charge for the course.
  • You call the shots – If you would find it hard to run courses during the day to fit around your kids then maybe you could run an evening course, or a weekend workshop, it’s entirely up to you!
  • Kids could come along too – I have a friend who runs pregnancy and baby yoga classes. I look after her older kids, but she takes her baby along with her to the sessions. Her and her partner also run yoga days together and all the kids go along with them. If you aren’t happy leaving your children with someone else, maybe you have a young child and practice attachment parenting, or don’t actually have anyone you feel comfortable with, then think about how you could possibly take them with you? If I need to run courses locally when my new baby is a few months old, for financial reasons, then I plan to get my husband to take holidays and to bring the baby to me for each break,so that I can breastfeed and connect with my baby still throughout the day.

How can you start selling your knowledge

So how to start and what you will need to think about before selling your knowledge.

  • What skills can you offer to help others? – Do you already have a business from home, skills from previous job or even a hobby that you could turn into a course or workshop. I actually taught myself how to build WordPress websites when I set up my business as I thought I couldn’t run a design business without offering websites too. I never thought I would actually be running a course on it to help other women start up in business! Some ideas could be crafty parents running craft workshops or sell online tutorials, holistic parents again running workshops, nutrition courses on and offline, start-up business courses, mentoring, cooking, natural parenting, astrology, the list is endless!
  • Build up a network – More about this in my next post but it’s great to build up a network of people around you to help out. Maybe they can offer help looking after your child while you run the courses or come along with you to supervise your children so they stay close. Maybe you will meet people who will give you ideas, or even ask you to do a course like in my story. I feel a network of people for stay-at-home or work-at-home parents is the most important thing to have.
  • Try and get in with local support schemes – This is a great way to start off like I have as it has been so easy. All I had to do was negotiate a price for the days, write the course and turn up. No promoting it or organising it, perfect! It was also great as I got to be part of offering free courses to women starting up, which of course is something I really identify with as I have done it all myself a couple of years back. This then gives you the experience and knowledge to carry on, on your own when you are ready, if you wish to do so.
  • Try and get a mentor – Again from the network I have built up I have another WAHM friend who has done training courses before and she talked through the things to think about like how to structure the course and keep people interested. It was such a help! If you think you know someone who might have had the experience, just ask them, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you out.

How Parent Tribe can offer opportunities

I’d really like to help parents who work from home and be able to utilise their knowledge to help them make a living from home. I would like to find parents who would like to do this and offer opportunities to the worldwide Parent Tribe network, through our magazine and online directory. If you think you have a course or workshop that could be offered to the Parent Tribe community, or maybe you have ideas of things you would like to learn from other parents then please email me >>