I am excited to share this amazing online resource for children we discovered a few months ago through the Worldschoolers facebook group.Around the World Stories is created by an American family who are worldschoolng and travelling Europe and as they go creating audio books about each country. Amazing!

Each story lasts about half an hour and captures lots of interesting cultural things about each country. Myself and my 7 year old have loved listening to them and finding out more about the Europe. Each story also has a Parent Guide where you can delve into more details about the story if you like by watching videos, learning the language and even traditional recipes.

I love how you can listen online or download the stories and listen to them offline too.

Here is my 7 year old’s review of the stories he has listened to so far.

I like listening to Around the World Stories because I like to learn about different countries and because it’s just fun.

My favorite story so far is called the Happiness Assignment about Denmark. It says how Denmark is the happiest country in the world because they don’t think about money money money like everyone else.

By Jude Burt age 7


And I am so happy to have the family from behind Around the World Stories share their family story with us too….

The Landin family, Matt (42), Tania (42), Maya (14), Mirabel (11), Lacey (8) & Elsie (our pup aged 4) are from Portland but are travelling around Europe.

Where do you live?

Right now we’re living mostly in guesthouses as we travel around Europe. 15 months ago, we sold our possessions, packed five backpacks and left our Portland, OR home to explore together as a family. We alternate between staying places for a longer time (up to two months) and traveling to new places every few days.

Please explain your lifestyle and philosophy

My husband and I had talked for years about what it would be like to leave his job behind, sell everything and take the kids abroad for a year – to take the year to learn, start a company and travel as a family. Life is such a gift, and we decided to take that leap toward our dreams. We believe that raising kids that are culturally minded is so important. When we began our trip, we also started a company called Around the World Stories — writing original audio stories for kids to teach them about other cultures. It’s our goal for these audio stories to expose children to the diverse beauty of other cultures and to inspire them to learn more about the world.

Do you work-from-home or are you a stay at home parent? Please tell us about it.

As we travel, we’re working on the road. Our office is wherever we can plug in a computer and hopefully find a decent internet connection. Our travels inspire our stories and we often incorporate the people we meet, the towns we visit, the foods we eat and the traditions we experience into our stories.

How do you make things work?

To be honest, it’s been a huge challenge for us to balance traveling, planning, schooling and working. Some days go smoothly while others are disastrous. We’ve found that if we over-schedule, we lose some of the magic of why we’re here. At the same time, starting our own company demands some sort of schedule. For us, staying flexible has been key.

What inspired your lifestyle?

When Matt was a U.S. diplomat we lived overseas for five years, and we immediately saw the advantages of exposing our kids to other cultures. Our girls had friends from all over the world. We saw first hand that exposure to other ways of life and traditions helps lay a foundation for a life of understanding, tolerance and compassion. These are core values for us as parents, the reason we started Around the World Stories and a big reason why we travel.

What are your child/ children’s education options?

Over the years our kids have been in public school, international schools, a Waldorf school and finally homeschooled. Homeschooling has been a true gift for all of us and making the leap to worldschooling while on the trip has taught us so much. Some days we spend time on more traditional subjects like math and reading, but many of our days are spent learning about the cities, the countries and the cultures we are experiencing. The kids have become more interested in history, art, culture, geography than ever before. We focus on what is around us and dive in. When we spent a month at the North Sea we learned about sea life, tides, and the environment. In Portugal, we learned all about famous explorers. In the Czech Republic, we learned about communism. In Austria, about the Habsburgs, music and art. Everywhere we go, there is so much to learn, and it’s become as much a part of our day as anything else.

If you work from home what is the best bit of advice you could give other parents who want to work from home?

If at all possible – stay flexible.

What is your favourite family activity?

Whenever possible we love to be outside – biking, hiking with our dog, exploring our new neighborhoods. We also love to play card games, tell stories and read together. We have some wonderful memories sitting in cafes waiting out the rain while playing Old Maid or Sleeping Queens.

What has been your biggest family adventure so far?

These past 15 months have been our biggest adventure so far! Starting a company, traveling, meeting wonderful people along the way and experiencing new things every day have all been incredible adventures.

What are you most grateful for (as a family or individually)?

  1. Our health
  2. The opportunity to spend every day together as a family

Three words to describe how you feel about your lifestyle?





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