Ok so I am going to start off writing on my blog with quite an obvious one. I am going to tell you why I think it’s so fantastic being a work-from-home mum, so much so that I have decided to start this website all and magazine all about it!

Be Creative

Ok so you get to be creative everyday! If like me to enjoy being creative and living creatively then it’s a perfect lifestyle working from home. Here are a few ways you can enjoy being creative on a daily basis in both work and family life:

  • Raising children is to me the most creative thing you can do! You magically created them to start off with and then you get to create a life for you and your family that fits exactly with your values and not someone elses.
  • Working for yourself and doing something you enjoy is unbelievably creative. You would be surprised how creative you get running a business which is around something you truly believe in and making it work around your family. If you commit to it and enjoy what you do the universe will support you and bring you a constant source of inspiration.
  • You have time to create and enjoy family meals together to nourish everybody in your home.
  • You have time to create a peaceful, warm and welcoming family home and garden.

Be Free

One of the biggest reasons I expect people want to work from home is to have more freedom. I couldn’t agree more! For years before my son was born I sat in office jobs wasting my time in 9-5 jobs and working my way up the illusion that is the ‘career ladder’. All I can say is I am so glad my son came along to surprise me as he completely changed my view on everything and gave me a purpose to stay at home and do my own thing, for his sake and for my sanity! Here is how you can enjoy being free by being a parent at home:

  • You have the freedom to enjoy your children everyday and give them the gift of freedom by letting them unfold at their own pace.
  • You have the freedom of time, not tied to anyone elses schedules, you can do things when you want and when it’s best for your family.
  • If setting up a business you can have the freedom and flexibility to work whenever you want and wherever you want. (At the time of writing this I am currently sat on a sofa, in a bayed window, in my in-laws house in Ambleside, over-looking fields and mountains, whilst my son is napping in the bed on the other side of the room!).

Be Together

Yep, that is the whole point of it really, to be together more as a family. I think most people want this and I’m guessing one of the reasons why you have come across this website! I think it’s pretty obvious why you’d want to be with your family more, to enjoy life, to care for one another and spend time with people you love. Who wouldn’t? Here’s why doing things together is the best!

  • Because spending as much time with your children as possible is so valuable while they are young, to form a secure attachment and make them feel happy and secure, therefore doing your part in producing a happy and compassionate member of society. 
  • Because time with your children is so precious, before we know it they will be grown up and off doing their own thing. Why rush them into independence, spend time with them getting to know them and helping them blossom instead.
  • Because spending time with the people you love will just make you happier and enjoy life more and why should we not all strive for that!?

These are my reasons and I hope you can see why being at home with your children, either working, full-time parenting or travelling is so valuable and most of all good fun! I hope that Parent Tribe can inspire others to do the same by reading inspiring stories from other families and advice on how to make it work!

Read our first online magazine here for some inspiring stories from families who have made it work http://issuu.com/creativesoul/docs/parent_tribe_issue_1_issuu/1?e=3865143/2535514

To apply to join the online tribe which will be launching very soon visit our Tribe page here >>