I would like to introduce the first Connect magazine, which I have designed and produced for The Mother Magazine. As I spoke about in my previous post, I decided to bring an end to my Parent Tribe magazine and instead hook up with Starr & Ashley Meenley at The Mother to produce a FREE online digital magazine, which has the same feel as my old mag. It’s been really good to start a new venture and be part of a team instead of working alone. I really hope you enjoy it and would love your feedback in the comments below.

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As for Parent Tribe I am still taking a little breather. This year has incurred massive changes for me and my little family and we have just moved house again, and all been poorly and to be honest, I just don’t feel like writing. I feel like resting and hibernating and being with my boys, I want to take the time to nest and enjoy having our own place again as this year, since my little one was born 9 months ago, has been pretty crazy and now we have our own lovely place again i am concentrating on being me again. I will find time for my ideas one day but at the moment I need to concentrate on my little family.