It’s been fairly quiet over here, the usual difficulty in trying to juggle design biz and two young boys plus just life in general! This project is my baby though and I knew I really want to keep it going.


Clare Monson – new Parent Tribe co-editor/ super organiser!

So after our trip to Portugal to meet the lovely family at Hidden Valley Farm I have been thinking a lot about things, not just about Parent Tribe but our general family direction in life and opportunities to live out our dreams. This wonderful, determined and compassionate family inspired me and Garf quite a lot and made us realise our dream of living a low impact lifestyle in a sunnier climate isn’t as far away as we thought! In a very short space of time we became very good friends with the Monsons as if we’d been thrown together by the universe for some reason unbeknown to us. However, I have now figured out this reason and I approached Clare from Hidden Valley about working with me to take my ideas for Parent Tribe forward and she gladly accepted, which I am thrilled about! I am going to be so glad to have someone who thinks the same as me about this project to throw ideas around with and most of all I looking forward to working with her visions and ideas – I think we will work well together. So there it is I am introducing my new friend and co-Parent Tribe organiser/ editor Clare Monson!

On top of that we have also decided to move to Portugal near to the Monsons for the winter to try it out which is super super exciting! This is all in planning stages at the moment and I am crazy busy trying to work on my Creative Soul design business to fund our move and also build up a passive income for when we are living in rural Central Portugal! This is where working online becomes worthwhile – I love how you can now live mostly anywhere that has good broadband connection and work online – so we are going to take some time out to explore these options more, whilst also living on our own quinta (small farm) in an area of stunning beauty and having more time together as a family – I feel like my dreams are coming true!

In the coming months at Parent Tribe, Clare and I will be taking on more family stories for the blog and inviting regular people to write guest posts. We are also looking for people who would like to speak at our online summit in January 2017 so if you feel like you would like to get involved give us a shout! You can email me on or go over and say hello and welcome Clare at

We will also be blogging about our move and how things progress and Clare will be writing about her family life and their awesome low-impact project in Central Portugal.

One thing that this has reminded me is that creating Parent Tribe has been one of the best things I have done. Starting this project and stalking many adventurous families through my magazine and blog has connected me with so many great like-minded parents around the globe and through these connections our family are now step-by-step on the road to living the dreams we have been planning and hoping for for years! If you have an idea then do it – you never know where it might lead you!