camping1“The house represents what we ourselves would like to be on earth: permanent, rooted, here for eternity. But a camp represents the true reality of things: we’re just passing through.” A Quote from Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin.

We went camping a couple of weeks ago, just us a a family of 4 (well 5 including the dog) and it was just what we needed. As we have set up camp in the in-laws for a little while, some time reconnecting surrounded by nature was ideal and we had such a great time.

I wasn’t sure how it would be with the little bug with him only being 5 months old but he was totally great. In fact I’m sure both the boys slept better than they do at home because of all the fresh air. We didn’t though! I just wrapped the little one up in lots of layers for the cold nights and tucked him up in a double bed with me, the big bean and daddy B were in sleeping bags next to us on their own single airbeds.

It’s funny my mum always tried to get me to go camping and I was so against it for so long, thinking I would prefer my home comforts but since having kids I have embraced it and always look forward to another trip. It’s the little things I love. Working as a team to get the tent up. Making makeshift dinners on a camping stove. Seeing peoples washing hung up to dry outside their tents. Trying to make your little tent as cosy as you can. Watching your kids play outside and making new friends with other campsite kids. Waking up in the morning to all the sounds of nature. Walking barefoot on the grass. Like a friend I met up with today said, “everyone is just better outside”. I agree with this so much and that is why camping is the BEST!

I’m now just dreaming of one day owning a bell tent and making bunting and a little ‘glamping’ kit to make a beautiful camping experience every time we go. I’m not sure my boys will agree, but it will make me happy : )